“I’d been suffering from moderate to severe jaw and tooth pain from TMD.  It was difficult to eat and needed Tylenol every night to sleep.  I went to Lisa knowing nothing about Integrative Manual Therapy.  I was frankly skeptical.  After my first treatment, the frequency of attacks subsided dramatically.  After a few weeks, the pain was completely gone.  I know TMD is a chronic condition.  But I also know I have someone who can help me.  Thank you, Lisa.”
~S.W., Manhattan

“I have to say that you really do beautiful work.  I can be pretty picky but felt very comfortable with you working on me.  I think that you have great hands and a great touch for the type of  work that you did on me….your hands-they softened into me almost immediately and I could really relax and feel layers of release.  Some sensations reminded me of when I’ve had deep work that focused on fascia.  I certainly felt an opening and a release of tension in an area that is one of the first for me to collect it (around base of head/neck/shoulder) and where it is not always easy for my body to accept pressure….Your work felt precise and gentle at the same time.”
~D.S., Brooklyn, NY

“I think of Lisa Mammano as a miracle worker.  She eliminated the pain in my neck from an agonizing pinched nerve and has greatly relieved chronic discomfort associated with scoliosis, stenosis, and arthritis.  She has provided excellent education regarding living a healthy lifestyle.  Altogether I feel energized and delighted by her care.”
~E.M., Manhattan                                                   

“Having Lisa treat me for the past few months has been quite a pleasant experience. I have a liver disease and therefore a major problem with fatigue.  While seeing her, along with my physicians care, my viral load for my liver has gone down and my energy has increased. I would definitely recommend her for her quality of care and pleasant personality.  She always made me feel that she was truly concerned in my condition and how my week went. Thank you Lisa!!”
~B.D., Branford, CT

“Lisa’s work is unique and beautiful:  It is like having a part of your body dance your story to you.”
~Denine Savage, Physical Therapist and creator of Evolutionary Process, Branford, CT